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What we do
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Success Stories

Concept to delivery - fast

A new client phones up - they need 20,000 full colour fliers designed and printed for a letterbox drop in two days time. Done!

Award winning design

A state owned enterprise had completed several significant engineering projects. Worthy of an award perhaps? Acumen created three equally significant IPENZ sumbmissions - and they won three awards.

More for your money

A nationwide health organisation needed an annual report brochure printed. Through intelligent print management they also ended up with posters from the same print run at minimal extra cost.

Complex messages communicated simply

A transport company was undertaking a major infrastructure redevelopment. Working from complex engineering plans, Acumen produced simple and concise illustrative diagrams and documents for the varied needs of the press, public, staff and contractors.

Acumen Graphic Design Solutions


Serving organisations around New Zealand and Australia for more than 12 years.


Design and producing almost anything you can print – brochures, annual reports, posters, motorway billboards and much more.


Your ONE point of contact for design, production and print management.


Many customers have been with us for more than 5 years


So what does Acumen do?

Graphic design

Graphic design is a tool to communicate a message and Acumen creates documents that communicate. Your reader or audience immediately understands how your document is relevant to them or the moment of communication is lost. Design must always serve the message.

For small, one page adverts, large documents and everything in between, our design principles are the same – make sure the information is accessible and usable to the audience.

Acumen's definition of graphic design is very broad so chances are that if you need to communicate a message – we can help you. It doesn't matter whether the final medium is print or on the web, or both – we design graphics that work.

Acumen has experience in a very wide range of documents such as reports, newsletters, brochures, stationery, manuals, folders, user guides, forms, proposals, submissions, technical material, plans, diagrams, signage, flags, banners, billboards, advertisements, certificates, posters, books, booklets, magazines, tickets, customised presentations (Powerpoint or PDF) etc.

We excel in Information Design - the skill and practice of preparing information so people can use it with efficiency and effectiveness. Information design often takes complex and detailed content and summarises it into a one page illustration. This is particularly suitable for multi-level processes and relationships where a 'picture' becomes worth a million words.

We create stunning 3D images. These are photo-realistic, proportionally accurate illustrations which can be viewed from any angle. 3D images are a powerful way to present concepts and mockups at a planning stage. They also can be used as high resolution images where a photo is just not possible. These 3D images can be animated and automated to create moving visual content for a wide range of uses such as training simulations, 'walk-through' presentations and of course movies.

Design is an industry that is very dependent on technology so these days almost every question can be answered 'Yes'. For documents personalised with your clients name or details, printed in a particular colour, onto a specific product, at a very large size, just ask!

Project management

Let us be your hassle-free point of contact for your next communication project. We'll listen to your requirements and then bring together all the resources needed to deliver a first class job, on time and within budget. Whatever your requirements, we'll manage your design project through creating a concept, then design and layout and finally print (or manufacture) process until delivery of finished product.

Every document and project is different. Acumen works with a wide range of output and production methods such as offset printing, digital printing, large format printing, sign or product manufacture, electronic documents for web or presentation.

Cost strategy

We understand 'value' for the customer. To one this might mean working to an agreed budget, to another knowing the cost comparison of various print options and unit cost efficiency. Acumen is committed to empowering our customers to be able to make good decisions about choosing the best options for them. Let us help you think outside the square to come up with an informed solution that will exceed your expectations.

Word templates and document handling

Microsoft Word is commonly the software of choice for in-house use by many organisations. Let Acumen create a Word document template that will make your work look at its best.

Design training

Many of our clients produce documents in-house, up to a point. We are thrilled when we get to partner with them on upskilling into using mainstream design programmes such as Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and Acrobat/PDF. We offer customised training in design software that is relevant and practical because it uses your real work documents.

Moving Images

The world is moving and so can the images that we use in design. Acumen creates Flash animated graphics for your website or training material or video images for DVD or podcast.